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Collections of 6 dots humidity indicator cards
Raw material dots
Packaging:100pcs/canister,12 canisters/case
Descriptions:Humidity Indicator Card (Humidity Indicator Cards),are also known as humidity cards, moisture label.It is used to show the humidity conditions in enclosed space,is a product that test relative moisture whether is safe in sealed package.Above the circle or beside the circle is the data to show the relative moisture.


Most of the electronic components, precision optical components and other high-end electronics, equipment susceptible to effects of moisture. Cause the product to corrosion, reduced sensitivity or even cause unrecoverable damage. In order to avoid erosion and damage by moisture, most products will use moisture-proof packaging combination. In the final packing stage of finished and semi-finished to protect the products. The humidity indicator card is a convenient and economical material to detect whether the humidity is in controlled range. When opening the sealed bag, the colors on the card displayed and read out data, can be as the basis for monitoring the humidity in sealed package whether is in regulation of the humidity range. Meanwhile, can also indirectly reflect whether the desiccant play moisture absorption effect in sealed package.>

Semi-conductor and IC/integration/circuit board (PCB),electronic components packaging, sensitive components, organic materials, munitions, optical instruments, metal materials, composite materials, pharmaceuticals, warehousing and storage vacuum packaging of various products.

Humidity indicator card type:
1.Cobalt humidity card
Contain cobalt chloride, from blue to pink, is a traditional humidity indicator card
2.Cobalt-free humidity card
Do not contain cobalt dichloride, is an environmentally friendly product, with brown becomes blue, and yellow to blue, blue to red three kinds

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