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Container dry pole Series

Type: 5Continus strips?/1000g?with hook.?

Raw material:CaCl2 desiccant silica gel desiccant?Mineral desiccant Biochemical desiccant(Can be customized as requested)

一、Dry Pack(Single/Continues strips type) Dry bag   We are specialized in the production of shipping container desiccant , Strong adsorption capacity,works for a long time; With Container desiccant , we can have our goods away from moisture and cargo rain; then protect our goods damaged,rusting and other lose. All kinds of type, such as 600g,1kg,2kg,etc.Hook available for hanging on groove of container,convenient for use;SGS Testing report , DMF Free, RoHs REACH ; Keenest price and orginal quality.


二、 Dry Pole   Newly dry pole box(ZL:ZL200920238304.6),with 200% adsorptivity,named container dry pole,with the outer packing box design, which can make the air moisture floor into the box,also the groove can well protected dry pole away from collision and spill out.?Dry pole save your container space during it works.
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