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  • Silica Gel Desiccant

    Silica Gel Desiccant

    Silica gel desiccant is a highly active adsorption material.It is usually made of reacting with sodium silicate an sulfuric acid, aging as well as acid bubble.Moisture absorption rate for silica gel desiccant is 28% as normal environment.

  • Calcium Chloride Desiccant

    Calcium Chloride Desiccant

    TOP ONE DRY  is a food grade product, non-toxic, harmless to environment.

  • Tea Bag Desiccant

    Tea Bag Desiccant

    Tea Bag Desiccant is natural desiccant and food grade desiccant.
  • Biochemical Desiccant

    Biochemical Desiccant

    The main ingredient is natural plant fiber, can be 100% natural degradation, it is a environmental protection product, contains no additives, corrosive materials and chloride, pure natural mineral processing and into.

  • Mineral Desiccant

    Mineral Desiccant

    The raw material of the eco-friendly desiccant is purely natural montmorillonite clay ,made by dry and activation.

  • Food Desiccant

    Food Desiccant

    Food desiccant is natural desiccant , clay desiccant, Mineral desiccant.

  • Indicating Silica Gel

    Indicating Silica Gel

    Silica gel desiccant is a highly active adsorption material.


  • Montmorillonite Clay Desiccant

    Montmorillonite Clay Desiccant

    The raw material of the eco-friendly desiccant is purely natural montmorillonite clay ,made by dry and activation.Do not contain any additives and chloride.


  • Fiber Desiccant

    Fiber Desiccant

    Fiber natural desiccant, a newly-developed product, has strong capability of adsorbing  moisture in  sealed environment. It is non-toxic and safe for medicine and food use.

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